Navajo Cherokee Longbow
by Roy Hall
Available 58" to 68” - 30# to 60# @ 28"

This special Navajo longbow sports a "handle forward" grip for the best of instinctive accuracy and heavily deflex/reflexed limbs for fast shock-free performance.

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The comfortable grip is shaped to consistently locate the hand close to the shelf every time you pick it up. The limbs offer unsurpassed smoothness & resilience at full draw, making this  hybrid longbow an excellent all-day shooter and no-strain hunting bow.

It has excellent cast with heavy arrows and speeds over 200fps with target weight arrows. If you're looking for a bow to cover all bases, this is it.

Reinforced tip accepts Fast-Flight string.

Contact us for current pricing and availability on all Navajo bows.
Navajo Cherokee Longbow
Navajo Cherokee Longbow back
Navajo Cherokee Longbow riser
Navajo Cherokee Longbow shelf
Made in the USA
Navajo Cherokee Longbow name
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