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Galaxy Sage Elite II Takedown Recurve Bow


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Galaxy Sage Elite 2 Takedown Recurve BowGalaxy Sage Elite 2 Takedown Recurve Bow backGalaxy Sage Elite 2 Takedown Recurve Bow nameGalaxy Sage Elite 2 Takedown Recurve Bow emblemGalaxy Sage Elite 2 Takedown Recurve Bow handleGalaxy Sage Elite 2 Takedown Recurve Bow handle back
IN STOCK (Limited)
- 62” AMO  
- Available draw weights: 20 to 55 # @28”
- Right or Left Hand
- Perfect for target, 3-D sports or bow hunting.
- Riser has attractive hardwood laminations with a maple accent with cushion plunger, stabilizer, and sight bushings.
- Hard Maple and Black Fiberglass Limbs
- Dacron B-50 bow string & hair rest included 
- Phenolic tips allow Fast Flight bow string
- This bow includes a properly fitted string with a nock point, string silencers and two-piece shelf treatment to minimize feather wear.

$199.00  ⚏ 
More details:
As a direct followup to the Sage takedown recurve bow, the new Sage Elite 2 carries over standard model's essential performance while bringing a new touch of refinement to the design features.

Where it differs is in the details. Gone are the large thumb-bolts and metal limb retention pockets which were infamous for gouging the limbs while the bow was disassembled.  


In their places are flush keyed bolts and a more sophisticated bolt & pin limb socket design.  This not only makes the sides of the limbs flush with the riser, but also avoids the complication of a misaligned or damaged limb retention cup.  It continues to support the options for a stabilizer or fishing reel, sight bracket or bow quiver and elevated or traditional shelf rest.

We inspect and test all Galaxy bows for critical faults such as cracking and delamination here at the shop.

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