Galaxy Black Ridge Hybrid Longbow

- 62” AMO 
- Available draw weights: 30# to 55 # @28”
- Right or Left Hand
- One-piece Hybrid Deflex longbow
- Perfect for target, 3-D sports or bow hunting.
- Satin black fiberglass on limbs, belly and back
- Hard maple core laminations
- Crowned Shelf and Comfortable Grip
- Phenolic tips for Fast-flight string
- Dacron B-50 bow string & hair rest included
Galaxy Black Ridge Hybrid Longbow
Galaxy Black Ridge Hybrid Longbow back
Galaxy Black Ridge Hybrid Longbow name
Galaxy Black Ridge Hybrid Longbow riser
Galaxy Black Ridge Hybrid Longbow shelf
Galaxy Black Ridge Hybrid Longbow shelf close-up
Galaxy Black Ridge Hybrid Longbow tip
More details:
The new Black Ridge Hybrid longbow from Galaxy is by far our favorite of the three Black Ridge series bows.

Starting with the handle section, it's made from a tough composite that gives the bow a bit of stabilizing weight.  Stained in the appearance of purple heart with a gray core, it's accented with maple center lines.  The grip itself is a forgiving forward design and comfortably sculpted with a modest palm swell to help locate the bow consistently in the hand.  A center-cut shelf that has been given a radius on both the vertical and horizontal, minimizing arrow contact during takeoff.

Black fiberglass seals off the maple cored limbs, which are slender in design.  They come off the handle section with a modest deflex that curves into an even reflex along the entire length of the limb.  The sweeping design allows the bow to draw smoothly to 28" while providing a low noise and low hand shock experience when set up properly.  The limb tips are capped and ready to accept a Fast-Flight type string for improved performance.

The bow includes a properly fitted string with a nock point, string silencers, and two-piece shelf treatment to minimize feather wear.
* We inspect and test all Galaxy bows for critical faults such as cracking and delamination here at the shop.
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