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'High Speed' Recurve

by Martin / Damon Howatt

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Howatt High Speed Recurve BowHowatt High Speed Recurve Bow backHowatt High Speed Recurve Bow specsHowatt High Speed Recurve Bow shelfHowatt High Speed Recurve Bow handleHowatt High Speed Recurve Bow handle top viewHowatt High Speed Recurve Bow wood detailHowatt High Speed Recurve Bow tip side viewHowatt High Speed Recurve Bow tip front view
• 60” AMO - Available from 35# to 65# @28” -
• Right or Left Hand
• Brace height = 8" - 8 1/2"
• Mass weight = 1 lb. 14 oz.

A classic returns as the High-Speed (or Hi-Speed, historically) is reintroduced to the Damon Howatt lineup!

The riser core is composed of Zebrawood and black actionwood in a 5-layer configuration, creating unique patterns for each bow as the woodgrain is exposed through the laminations.  Black fiberglass seals the maple core laminations, with the backing maple being tapered at the tips.  The tips themselves are laminated with Zebrawood on the belly and black micarta on the back, allowing the bow to make use of high speed string materials.

It features a shelf cut past-center, with a compact ~4" sight window.  The grip is on the slender side, favoring a medium-low wrist position.  In addition to the finer parts of modern recurve design, perhaps the most marked improvement is the extended fadeout length from the core.  This reduces the "hinge" effect seen with a short fadeout and promotes a smoother, more even bend of the limbs when combined with the tapered maple backing at the tips.

With the string tuned up to its preferred brace range of 8.0" ~ 8.5", the bow is a pleasure to shoot.  Handshock and noise are non-issues, and the bow by all means lives up to its legacy when it spits out those arrows.

*All new Martin/Damon Howatt bows we sell come with a full setup of the shelf, nock point, and silencers, along with a FF-type string, bow stringer and bow sock.

*  All Damon Howatt bows come with a BOW STRINGER
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