Hunt Worthy - 'Strange Magic' Longbow

by James Parker


66" - 36#@28" - BRAND NEW

  Very Unique & Special!  


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Hunt Worthy - Strange Magic Longbow  - 66in-36lb - NEWHunt Worthy - Strange Magic Longbow  - BackHunt Worthy - Strange Magic Longbow  - Curves and wood detailHunt Worthy - Strange Magic Longbow  - Curves upper limbHunt Worthy - Strange Magic Longbow  - NameHunt Worthy - Strange Magic Longbow  - Name detailHunt Worthy - Strange Magic Longbow  - GripHunt Worthy - Strange Magic Longbow  - Tip

VERY SPECIAL    Photos can't do this bow justice


   This striking bow comes to us from James Parker at Huntworthy Productions.  It's easily one of the most wild longbows we've had the pleasure of shooting.  We usually only see this kind of "character" bow -- one which works one-of-a-kind twists and turns into the limb design -- in the form of selfbows, but this is a fully laminated and clear fiberglass backed modern deflex/reflex longbow.


   Don't let the serpentine warps of the bow deceive you, because the bow has a smooth, even draw all the way back. Its compact handle core and long, gently curving limbs ensure that it's comfortable all the way to 28" with a smooth 2#/inch increase on a 30" overdraw.


   The limb tips have a thick layer of phenolic overlaying them, which should hold up against the stresses of a modern high performance string material.  Impressively, while designed for an 8-1/2" brace height, the bow still handles well all the way down to about 6-3/4", albeit not quite as plucky as full brace.  This is another testament as to how well designed these limbs are; usually these heavy deflex/reflex longbows work poorly when under braced.  Strange magic, indeed.


   The handle is a simple grip composed of the core itself and the added thickness of the limb laminations with a simple stitched leather grip to pad the whole thing.  There's no additional palmswell or bulk added, keeping the bow minimally light weight.  It also lacks a cut-in shelf, sporting a simple wedge driven down under the leather grip to serve as your shelf.  I'd go so far as to try it left handed, but I'm a righty!


   All in all, this is a great shooting recreational longbow that doubles as a conversation piece for anyone looking for something with a unique design.

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