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Galaxy Sage Takedown Recurve Bow


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IN STOCK (Limited)
62" - Available from 25# to 55#

The Galaxy Sage is an excellent and affordable starter bow for both youth and adult archers alike.

The bolts require no tools and are textured for an easier grip and the sockets fit firmly around the limbs. It features standard bushings for a stabilizer/reel, sight mount and elevated rest.

The bow can be shot either off the shelf, thanks to is radiused nature, or off an optional elevated rest.


More details:

It pulls back smoothly, even when overdrawn and has tips that are reinforced with phenolic to allow for Fast Flight string compatibility.

Overall this is bow has excellent value for its price range and would suit any starting archer interested in recurves.

This bow includes a properly fitted string with a nock point, string silencers and two-piece shelf treatment to minimize feather wear.
- We inspect and test all Galaxy bows for critical faults such as cracking and delamination here at the shop.