Recurve Bow
This is the perfect compact recurve ~
Fast and remarkably affordable.

- 52" only
- 30#/ 40#/ 50#/ 60# standard weight 
- Intermediate weights by special order at no extra cost.
- Made in the U.S.A.


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We recently got our hands on the Stalker recurve.  There were some expectations for it, based on who it came from and just how small it was.  After spending some quality time with the bow, those expectations have been met and exceeded.

Despite the small size of the bow, the riser is shaped to suit medium hands, and should be comfortable to larger hands as well.  It drops right into the palm, not a hard edge to be felt, working well with a low and medium grip.  The signature thumb rest of Fedora bows is nearly forgotten once the shooting begins, as it provided no interference for our hold on the bow, but rather guided it into a consistent grip. 

The shelf itself is cut deep, though not to center, and has a radius to both the horizontal and vertical to minimize contact with the arrow during takeoff.  The the riser block leads off into the deflex and comes to a fine taper before disappearing among the three core laminations.

When it comes to the shooting performance, the bow impresses. While small, it's remarkably fast.  Quite a bit faster than some similarly sized, popular bows that we've had our hands on in the past.  Handshock is somewhere between minimal and non-existent when tuned properly.

Likewise, the bow makes little noise, and even less when equipped with a Flemish string.  It responds very well to higher tension string materials, and in fact comes with one.

All in all, this is one of the best small bows that we've had in the shop.  It scores on every front, and anyone looking for a highly compact bow should make it a consideration.

As with all Fedora Custom Bows, the above can be altered to suit your needs if you're in need of specific features. Whether it's a more slender grip for a smaller hand or a high wrist riser, it can be had.
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Fedora STALKER Recurve Bow
Fedora STALKER Recurve Bow back
Fedora STALKER Recurve Bow grip
Fedora STALKER Recurve Bow grip view
Fedora STALKER Recurve Bow grip from side
Fedora STALKER Recurve Bow grip from back
Fedora STALKER Recurve Bow tip