Checkmate Traditional Longbow

70" - 50#@28" - Right hand
CheckmateTraditionalLongbow - Used
CheckmateTraditionalLongbow - Used - BACK
CheckmateTraditionalLongbow - Used - Specs
CheckmateTraditionalLongbow - Used - riser
CheckmateTraditionalLongbow - Used - tip
- Used - Excellent, well maintained condition

- A simple style longbow with a forward mounted grip, long limbs for a longer, smoother draw, and a yew heartwood belly.
- Very little reflex to the limbs for those interested in a more traditional styled longbow.

- Custom stitched leather grip wrap around the simple but comfortable handle.

- Tips are reinforced and capable of accepting Fast Flight type string materials.

- Finish is in excellent condition, with some stress showing in the glass due to its years of service, but many more left in it.  

- Consigned by a long-time customer, the original owner of the bow.

$400.00  -

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