Bobcat Osage Selfbow

60" - 45# @ 28" - Right hand - Used

Read Detals
- Solid Osage construction
- Simple leather grip
- Antler arrow rest
- Unique shape follows woodgrain
- Excellent condition



Please be aware that the Bobcat longbow is a primitive-class bow.

Without fiberglass or laminations, it requires
special care and handling to avoid potential damage. 

❶   First and foremost, the bow must not be drawn to full immediately after being strung up.  The bow must be drawn back in approximately 1" increments from resting position, over the course of a dozen or two incomplete draws until reaching its full 28" draw. Drawing the bow back fully from resting position immediately after being strung up puts the bow at immense risk of breaking.

❷   Second, as with most primitive type bows, the bow should be unstrung when not in use for 15 to 30 minutes, or it may develop a permanent set that reduces maximum power known as "string follow".

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